Friday, September 6, 2013

: It's better to flush then to go to The Lash.:

As they promote a club called Detention.

Who ever came out with that name 
Knew what they where talking about.
The venue was small as the size of a classroom and the capacity seems only 45 people was the limit. the smoking patio was bigger then the actual venue. They should have done it better in the parking lot. 

Only  13  people, showed up to support. Some announce see you laters! The Dj had good music but didn't know the artist. "Oh! whaaa." 

As the bartender refuse to perform his actual duty and listen to the bouncer. How can you mistake a person who has a speech imperative for a drunk person. 

As an ex bouncer staff you know 
that if someone is drunk you don't allow them to enter any venue and tell the bartender that this person is drunk. Which they weren't; don't be so skeptical thats why they hire you to avoid any legal actions and you perfectly describe
The definition of discrimination.  
that was the number 1 mistake.  

Don't forget to tip to the bartender! know your smell before you fail to make profit for this venue.  Your Management just found out, that you just lost about the percent of money for his electricity bill . 

Sadly, the rating for this club is a 4. Take my advice promote it around the area where its located. Don't try to make it a big deal ..
cause it won't survive  in the mainstream. 

Unless you have the knowledge 
Then it's possible to arise it from 
It's  cubical. 

Now its personal!!!
To the Bartender that looked like carrot top, don't ever say you have the knowledge cause it just makes you look stupid! And to the other bartender!  it's okay to serve your friends instead of the Cubical customers. You should wear a cape that say I've saved the day!

Okay, Go Clubers 
You can see it for your self and judge it by the square . But you don't have to take my words.  

But I truly must give a warning!!!!
If your claustrophobic not to go. 

Ahh.....I save the rest for the best
thank god there's was something Good.

It's was Free Cover all night.. 

- Dk

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